Diastix & Keto Diastix:

       Bayer’s Diastix & Ketodiastix strips are used for testing glucose & ketones in the urine. The strips are made with a colour-sensitive pad containing chemicals that react with glucose & ketones. The colour change indicates the amount of glucose & ketones in the urine.


Diastix is a single reagent test for urinary glucose.


Ketodiastix has glucose and ketone reagent tests on a single strip.


Key Features:


 - Semi quantitative test for glucose

 - In vitro diagnostic use

 - Convenient & easy to use

 - The strips are disposable with attached reagent areas




 - Non-invasive

 - Accurate: 99% of the results

 - Easy to use and interpret result

 - Fast – reads results within 30 seconds for Diastix & 40 seconds for Keto-Diastix

 - Economical

 - It is best to consult your Physician to decide on when to test.


However, it is helpful to test during:


 - Illness

 - Under stress

 - Pregnancy


Uristix 100 Strip:

Uristix 100 Strip:



1. CE & ISO13485

2. Good stability

3. Result stable for 60's

4. Two years shelf life

5. Sensitivity down to 1mmol/l

Item Name: URS-2P Chemical Reagent Urine Test Strip

Test Items: Glucose, Protein

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